9-1-07 to 9-3-07 Chase went with the Ryan clan to Papa's lake house. He loved it!!! Spending time with his cousins is his favorite!!

9-5-7 Today was Chase's first day of preschool. He only went for about 1 hour - they ease the kids in - and he loved it. He (and Mommy) are looking forward to his first year of preschool.

9-7-7 Today was Chase's second day of preschool and he loved the school part, but hated the shoes! All he wanted to wear was his "flip flops", but the school only allows closed toe shoes and the tennis shoes were not a hit!! He did wear them, but when Mommy picked him up the first thing out of his mouth was "flip flops"! He celebrated his first week of preschool with his bud Devin and eating pizza, playing in the sandbox and playing golf.

9-9-07 Chase went to Alyssa's and Logan's Birthday Party at Pump It Up. It is a great big kids indoor play place full of inflatable toys. We are not sure if the little kids or the Daddy's loved it more. Chase ran, jumped, slid, and partied with his friends. He was worn out when it was over - so were Mommy and Daddy.

9-23-07 Today Chase went to the Lake Norman Touch A Truck fund raiser for Addi's Cure (Lung Cancer Charity). It was held in a park and was a little boys heaven. Lots of different trucks and vehicles to touch, climb, sit in and learn about. Chase's favorite was an off road Jeep. Aside from the trucks they had his all time favorite the Chic-fil-a COW... Yes, Chase is in love with the cow. He couldn't wait to get his picture with him. If we see the cow on the side of the road we have to stop so he can give him a hug.


The Hensley Family

"Picture Cow Mommy" - Chase loves the Cow and couldn't wait to get his picture made with him.

Driving away in the Jeep.

"ELMO" - he ranks 2nd to the "COW"

"CHOCAT" My favorite!!

"WOW" - Chase loved the slide!!

SLAM DUNK - thanks to Daddy!!

Devin... I can hit the ball farther!!

Devin's gotta have the frog.

First Day of Preschool.