10-05-07 to 10-07-07 Chase got to go to his favorite place "papa's lake house". We went down for a quick weekend for Mommy and Daddy to see Virginia Tech beat Clemson. We took Jake with us and the boys loved being able to enjoy the perfect fall weather and play at the lake.

10-10-07 to 10-19-07 Mommy left the boys while she went to Italy. They seemed to have survived thanks to all the wonderful help from Gee Gee, Granny B, Aunt Meg, Grandpa Seibert, Grami Seibert and Shannon. They all pitched in and helped and it helped give Mommy piece of mind so she could enjoy her trip - which was AWESOME!!

10-23-07 Went to the DUMC pumpkin patch today and Chase picked out a pumpkin. He had picked several and finally narrowed it down to one.

10-30-07 Today Chase carved the pumpkin. He loved digging in the guts and getting out the seeds. We put the seeds in the oven and roasted for Daddy to eat.

10-31-07 Halloween. Chase was very excited to be able to get "CANDY". We started the evening with a cookout at Aunt FeFe's house. Uncle Steven cooks one mean hamburger. Then it was off to trick or treat. Chase wore his "chick" costume and was very dilligent about ringing the doorbell, saying trick or treat, and thank you "Happy Halloween". He rode around with Karley and loved every minute of it!


Ringing the doorbell means I get "CANDY" and "CHOCLAT" is my favorite!

Trick or Treat... I want something good to eat!

Riding the "CANDY" route with Karley.

Do I have to wear this? Maybe I should be Spiderman.

Carving the pumpkin... Digging out the guts was the best part.

Happy Halloween!

This is the one that I want.

Go Jake! Go!

Lovin the tub.

The BIGGEST smile.