11-18-06 Chase was in Asheville with Mommy and Daddy to celebrate Mommy's friends 40th Birthdays... Chase played with Grandma and Papa while Mommy and Daddy celebrated.

11-22-06 to 11-25-06 Chase took a Thanksgiving road trip to Charlottesville with Mommy and Daddy to visit GeeGee, Granny, Aunt Meg and Uncle Tony. While there he got to meet Aunt Caroline, Bethany and John. He spent time with Cari, Kaylee, Aunt Tammy and Uncle Hans. He loved seeing everyone. Chase and John did a little early birthday celebrating!! Chase is turning 2 and John is turning 10 in December.


Chase helping Daddy rake leaves.

Chase playing in the leaves Daddy raked.

Chase telling Santa what he wants for Christmas.

Loving on Uncle Tony!

Chase is shouting loud how much he loves Granny!

GeeGee showing Chase his birthday cake.

Lovin that cake!

Celebrating birthdays with John and Bethany.

Look at me... I am the sunglass stud!

Playing in the sandbox with Grandma.

Hiding from Mommy - she was looking for me since it was cold outside!

I will figure out how to get into ANYTHING!

Look at me... I am soooo tall!

Balls - are they meant for throwing?? I like rolling on them.

Jenna is a bad influence... I like wearing her shoes and necklaces.