6-1-09 Summer has officially arrived - Chase started camp at the Y and loved it. Mommy loved it too!

6-6-09 Today we went to the Ryans to celebrate Joseph's 6th birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSEPH! The best part of the afternoon was the magician and everyone, including the adults, LOVED the show. Chase laughed and laughed and laughed his belly laugh for most of it. He did get a little spooked at one point, but overall thought it was great.

6-8-09 Mommy and Chase are off to San Diego, California to visit our friends Ann, Greg, Gabe and Zach (Can't forget the dog Maddie!). This was Chase's first airplane ride and he loved it, but it was just a little too long. He told Mommy later that night that he didn't want to fly home it took too long.

6-9-09 Day 1 in California: Got up and tried to get adjusted to the time change - Chase did better than Mommy did! Went to the Carlsbad Beach and saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time. It was sunny and chilly, but that didn't stop Chase from getting in the waves. Chase loved playing with Gabe, Zach and Maddie.

6-10-09 Day 2 in California: We all headed to the San Diego Zoo. Chase was a trooper - he walked the entire zoo without complaining. His favorite animals were the turtles and the zebras.

6-11-09 Day 3 in California: Today Chase and Mommy spent the morning at Legoland - what a neat place. After lunch Ann, Gabe and Zach joined us. Chase was fascinated with all the things that were made out of legos. Mommy was just as fascinated!! The boys loved ending the day at the Pirate Spray Park.

6-12-09 Day 4 in California: Today was Mommy Day. A babysitter came and spent the day with the boys and Mommy and Ann went out for a girls day. They totally enjoyed their 6 hours of no kids, no husbands, lunch in La Jolla and cocktails by the sea. A perfect day that seemed way too short!

6-13-09 Day 5 in California: Today was spent hanging at the Heplers. Chase and Mommy went to Walmart and bought a blow-up pool and enjoyed lunch at Chick-Fil-A (Mommy need some east coast southern sweet tea). Greg and Ann left for a romantic, well deserved, night away. The boys had a blast playing with the hose and pool in the backyard. Mommy took all three to McDonalds for the playground and dinner. It was a great day without all the hustle and bussle of the last few days.

6-14-09 Day 6 in California: