Chase is feeling better after his ear infection. Thank you for antibiotics!

On 06-04-05 Chase went to his first street festival. The Taste of Charlotte - in downtown. He was fascinated by all the people. He is definately going to be a people watcher!

From 06-11-05 to 06-12-05 Stacy left Scott and Chase for the weekend to attend her brothers graduation from The Ohio State University. It was the first weekend for the boys only! Seems like everything went fine since both Daddy and Chase are still alive!

06-13-05 Chase rolled over for the first time. He did it in his bed so there were no witnesses other than the fact he was on the opposite side of the way he was put down to sleep.

06-19-05 Chase went back to the hospital to visit. He met some of the nurses that took care of Mommy while she was waiting for him to be born. He also visited his nurses in the NICU. They gave him lots of lovin!

On 06-28-05 Stacy and her sister Steffany decided they would tackle the challenge of taking all 5 kids to have their pictures made together.... By the time it was over we had one good picture of all 5 kids and Stacy and Steffany were hitting the bottle hard! Grandmas will be lucky if they try that again anytime soon!


Ooops... You caught me!

Flying away in my exersaucer.

Happy for pictures!

All 5 Kids! Chase with Jake, Jillian, Joseph and Jenna Ryan.

Jenna and Chase on picture day. They were as happy by the end of the session as Stacy and Steffany were!

Chase and Digger.. His favorite toy!

Chase at 6 Months.

My Mommy's good friend Christine comes to visit!

Sleeping so peacefully in my favorite place... On Mommy!

I have a monkey on my back.

I love my monkey.

Look at me I am Muscle Man!

Trying my best to rollover!

I love sitting up... But as you can see I still need Daddy to help!

Happy Chase... He is like this in the morning... See what a good night sleep does for him.

The morning ritual... Hanging out in bed with Daddy.

Chase and Mommy visiting his nurses in the NICU.

Chase wants to CONGRATULATE Uncle Chad for his graduation from The Ohio State University!!!

Happy Chase 06-04-05

Chase and Daddy at Uptown Festival - Taste of Charlotte.

Chase hiding in the flowers!