6-27-08 until 7-6-08 Chase spent the week at the lake house. Mommy and Chase went to the lake early with the Ryan clan and Daddy joined us mid-week to play. We went to the falls, the pool, hiking at Turkey Ridge Park, boating and jet skiing. The best was the fireworks on July 4th at the club!! Then on the 6th we had our annual McKinney/Britten Bash. The kids favorite part was the water balloons!! Chase can't wait until July 4th next year.

7-12-08 Chase had a busy day with a preschool reunion seeing his teachers and some of his classmates and then off to a birthday party for Elizabeth Hall - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELIZABETH!! Mommy needs a spread sheet to keep up with Chase's busy schedule.

7-13-08 Chase, Mommy and Daddy went to "Brokers & Babies in the Park" at Latta Park. This was a work function for Daddy and Chase loved playing in the splash park until the horrible thunder storm decided to join us. That didn't dampen the spirts of the picnic, we dined under the shelter trying to keep dry - it was an adventure!!

7-18-08 until 7-20-08 Chase and Daddy went to Charlottesville to help GeeGee celebrate her 75th birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEEGEE!! They enjoyed spending time with Granny B, Aunt Meg, GeeGee, Kaylee, Kari, Aunt Tammy and Uncle Hans.

07-25-08 until 07-28-08 The Hensleys and the Harringtons headed to the lake. Chase loved showing Ethan all the cool things to do at the lake. He loved having Ethan build sand buildings, ride jet skis, play at the waterfalls and swim in the pool. He hopes they can come back again next year.

CAMP CAMP CAMP - Chase has spent majority of this month at the YMCA camp and loved it... Swimming, crafts and playing outside were just a few of his favorite activities.


The swimming trio.

Climbing up to jump in again.

Hey Dad - I'll get the jet ski if you will please give me a ride.

The Harringtons and the Hensleys at the waterfalls - Loving the lake.

Ethan and Chase playing in the pool - NICU buddies for life!

Look at what the worms catch - big fish!

Digging for worms to go fishing.

Four Generations

GeeGee gives the best hugs.

I am so glad I got to spend time with Granny B!

Loving the splash park at the Brokers and Babies Picnic.

The Preschool Gang Reunion

Ms. Linda and Ms. Eileen - Flying Chase HIGH.

Chase, Kendal and Ms. Linda bug hunting.

Chase thanking Ethan for the book on London - London England is where Ethan lives now.

The 2008 Britten - McKinney Brawl

Chase and Jenna in their favorite activity - THE WATER BALLOON FIGHT

I think that green water balloon got me!

Trying to dry off after the water balloon fights.

Do we have to have a license to drive this thing?

Fireworks - A family affair.

July 4th with the cousins - what a wonderful life!

Chase loves jumping off the back of the boat.

Swimming with Papa at the waterfalls.

Fishing with Dad. Not much biting today.