July 4th Weekend Chase was back at the hose at Grandma and Papa McKinney's lake house. It was the first annual McKinney/Britten July 4th Bash. Chase was with the entire family and got to meet the newest member - his 6 week old cousin Reagan Donley. He only got jealous of Mommy holding Reagan one time, most of the time he could have cared less that she was around. Chase spent the weekend playing in the sand and of course with the hose. He went to a cookout at the pool and a picnic with the Brittens. Chase rode in the boat to the waterfalls and loved it, but his favorite was the Jet Ski ride... It was the stillest Mommy has ever seen Chase and when it was over he didn't want to get off. Watch out Papa - 2 jet skis wont be enough when all these grandkids get old enough to drive!!

07-08-06 Mommy and Chase ran the Dilworth 4 miler while Daddy played golf. Chase is getting better at these races - he didn't try to get out of the stroller this time. They did the 4 miles in 36 minutes 1 second... And of course his reward was pancakes at Bob Evans.

07-22-06 Chase, Mommy and Daddy took a trip to the play area in the local mall. We have found this to be one of our favorite spots with the heat being too much to take outside. Chase loves to climb and run so this is perfect. He does take chances and goes head first down the slide. You can't take your eyes off of him - not even for one minute!!

07-25-06 Grandpa and Grami Seibert (Stacy's Dad & Stepmom) came to town for a short visit. Unfortunately Chase was not feeling up to snuff and was a little cranky while they were here, but he did enjoy seeing them. They went to the park to play and of course had breakfast at Bob Evans.


Daddy make head pieces out of blankets... Mommy wonders who is the bigger kid? Daddy or Chase??

I love to smile for the camera... Well most of the time!

Walking with Grandpa. He takes me cool places!!

Chase and Grandpa Seibert hanging out on the rocks watching the geese.

Chase loves the camera. He stops to smile and pose almost everytime. Here he is showing off all of his teeth. He has 9 and 2 more working there way in.

Chase playing in the play area in the local mall.

Chase sliding head first down the mall slide. UGH.. You can't take your eyes off of him.

Mommy and Chase playing hard.

Daddy and Chase playing at the mall.

Chase and Mommy at the Keowee Waterfalls. It is hard to believe he left the hose long enough for a ride in the boat to the waterfalls.

Chase is back at Grandma and Papa's lake house and the only place he wants to be is with the hose!!

Silly Chase posing for the camera.