1-7-09 Back to school. I am not sure who was more ready... Mommy or Chase. He sure did miss all his friends over the Christmas break.

1-7-09 Happy 4th Birthday Jenna!! We had dinner at Bob Evans with the Ryans to celebrate Jenna's Birthday.

1-11-09 Chase loved Jenna's birthday party at the Childrens Art Project. Painting, stamping, coloring, floam - crafts, crafts, crafts - Chase's favorite things!

1-18-09 Today we were to head to the mountains for a tubing trip, but due to the extreme cold and dangerous road conditions in Boone we opted to stay home and go bowling with the Crouchs. Chase got a strike but after 5 frames he was done. He really loved playing with Carlie and Courtney.

1-20-09 IT SNOWED!! Well sort of! the weather man teased us with the call of 3-5 inches. I think we got 3-5 mm. Chase still put on his full winter gear and went out to investigate. He was disappointed in the lack of snow, but did his best to make a snow angel. Keep your fingers crossed we get another snow soon or it will be that trip to the mountains.


See Mom... This white stuff is called snow! Lets go play in it!

Cold, Wet, White - Why won't it make a snowball?

Determined to make a Snow Angel!

Snow Angel or Mulch Angel?

Hey Dad... Do you think we can get enough snow to make a snowman?

Having fun with the girls - Chase, Carlie and Courtney

COME ON BALL!! Knock them all down!

Daddy, Chase and Carlie rolling the bowling ball.

Chase, Delaney and Jenna ready to eat cake. Happy Birthday Jenna.

Ready to start all the craft projects at Jenna's Birthday Party.

Cousins and Best of Friends!