2-01-07 Chase's first snow... YEAH... We woke to a nice surprise of snow on the ground. Chase loved every minute of being outside and playing in the snow. Sledding was his favorite. He was unpset when the snow turned to rain and we had to go inside.

2-14-07 Chase got a large Gorilla "Willie" for Valentines Day from Granny and GeeGee. Willie is almost as big as Chase, but that doesn't stop Chase from hauling him around.

2-19-07 to 2-25-07 Chase spent the week with Aunt Steffy and the Ryan clan. Mommy and Daddy headed to Cancun Mexico for a CORFAC convention and some R&R. Chase didn't even seem to miss Mommy and Daddy and didn't even want to go home.


I have to make Willie handsome.

I am always figuring things out... I made a desk and chair to hold my "puter" without any help. I got my brains from Mommy and my good looks from Daddy!

LOVING the snow.

Giving Daddy a workout.

Faster Daddy... FASTER!

Dressed for the occasion and ready to go!